etsy vs. banana republic: the smackdown

is this petite rose ring from banana republic or etsy? read on..

Before there was Etsy, I often drooled over the jewelry and accessories at Banana Republic. They always seemed so spot-on with trends (without seeming like they were jumping bandwagons left and right). But their prices are a little steep. I was marveling over their spring accessories (as soon as MLK day is over, I’m usually drooling over colorful scarves and bright jewels) when it hit me: Etsy sellers are so much more inventive than this. Oh, and their pieces aren’t marked up 60%. But mostly, they’re more inventive.

So I set about on a quest: let me try to find some perfect spring accessories, with BR’s aesthetic as my guide and Etsy’s treasure trove of undiscovered beauties as my reward. Let’s see how the one-man-shows at Etsy stack up against the megacorp of Gap, Inc. And let’s see how much cash I’d save.

Round One: The Crystal-Gold Bib Necklace

starboard bib necklace from banana republic, $69.50

the alexa statement necklace, from bejewelledbespoke, $55

Round Two: The Turquoise-Gold Chain Necklace

grace necklace by banana republic, $79.50
spring fling necklace by tetelestai, $42.40

Round Three: The Rosebud Ring

rosebud ring by banana republic, $36

white rose ring by mrsdazo, $10

Round Four: The Lapis-Gold Earring

cleopatra earring by banana republic, $39.50

starry night lapis and gold earring by dreaminofbeadin, $22

Round Five: The Gold Knot Ring

gold promise knot ring by banana republic, $25

sterling love knot ring by esteverde, $10

Round Six: The Turquoise and Gold Lariat Necklace

aura necklace by banana republic, $45

turquoise lariat necklace by sarahturner, $25
turquoise lariat necklace by sarahturner, $25

Round Seven: The Glam Bobby Pins

all-season sparkle bobby pins (set of two) by banana republic, $18
golden bobby pin trio by thatwinsomegirl, $22

Round Eight: The Grey Striped Jersey Scarf

jersey striped scarf by banana republic, $39.50

grey heather stripe infinity scarf by halfdressed, $14

Round Nine: The Silver Mini-Purse

br monogram miniature bag, $39.50

vintage quilted shoulder purse by myvintagemind, $14.50

Round Ten: The Nest Ring

ipanema bloom ring by banana republic, $39.50

gold nest ring by mrsdazo, $18



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10 responses to “etsy vs. banana republic: the smackdown

  1. thanks, Michele.. more to come! 🙂

  2. Great article! Thanks for featuring my earrings. I love these finds and I totally agree that Etsy shops always win in terms of price, value and uniqueness.

    • thank you, stacy! the earrings are gorgeous and yes, etsy sellers definitely win the smackdowns. i’m hoping to make this a regular feature of this blog (next up in the ring is urban outfitters, which is totally going to be smacked-down by etsy!)

  3. Thank you, Gray for including my scarf! I love the retail smackdown idea! I can’t wait to see Urban Outfitters get smacked 😉

  4. Thanks Gray,
    Kind of you to feature my Sterling Infinity Love Knot Ring on your blog. I enjoyed the David and Goliath allegory slant to your shopping comparison. I would like to gift you one of these rings as a thank you. Send me your ring size and mailing info and I will ship it to you. I think you are onto something with your blog. Suerte!

  5. trayc13

    I have the necklace from SarahTurner on etsy.
    It’s fantastic and I get compliments on it every time I wear it!

  6. wow, stephen — thank you! I’ll send you that info asap.

    trayc, i can only imagine how many compliments that gorgeous necklace gets. it’s so delicate and pretty!

    christine, just wait.. urban won’t know what hit them! (neither will j. crew.. or crate & barrel.. or anthropologie.. etc etc etc!)

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