oh, i’m blushing! soft, dusty, peachy pinks for spring

You can ask anyone in my family–I’m not really big on the color pink. I always associate it with baby showers, cheesy Hallmark cards, and those awful Juicy Couture velour sweatpants. But I love the way couturiers like Chanel use muted shades of pink and peach to create looks that are feminine, but not “girly.” I discovered my ideal shade of pink when my sister was planning her wedding–she isn’t that much of a pink girl either, but loved the worn ballet slipper shade of the Sahara rose. And on this particularly drab February morning (it’s 38 degrees and raining here in Atlanta), these blush hues make me seriously yearn for spring.

layered lucite flower earrings in misty peach, by dalim, $18

blush necklace by aprilbella, $18

pink champagne lace clutch by sewlola, $75

pearl rosebud earring set by larquebyjason, $16

spring fling soft pink rose bobbies (set of three) by gardensofwhimsy, $15

reloved blush pink silk hair comb, by littlebrownbird, $12

rise and shine necklace by myrakim, $70

Got some sweet favorites that I missed? Please let me know! Leave them in the comments! 🙂



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11 responses to “oh, i’m blushing! soft, dusty, peachy pinks for spring

  1. Those are beautiful, soft shades of pink. Lovely choices!

  2. I love those soft, romantic shades of pink! Thank you so much for featuring my hair comb on your beautiful blog!

  3. What a beautiful collections of finds!

  4. Lovely colors of pink so soft and feminine!!!

  5. Fantastic Picks! I love LittleBrownBird’s shop!

  6. ooh, love everything you’ve selected. gorgeous pinks!

  7. Beautiful finds – I’m a big fan of the flower clips in Little Brown Bird’s etsy shop.

  8. i’m not big on pink either but these are great finds. I really love that pink flower hair comb!

  9. So beautiful! I love this crocheted cuff too:


    Pretty pretty!

  10. Soft Flex is a brand name for a softer, more flexible beading cable made from 21 or 49 strands of stainless steel threads that are woven together & coated with nylon. Because the threads are so fine, the result is a much softer product with less tendency to kink.

  11. leather dog collars seems to be the best, they are also very sturdy and last longer :~`

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