etsy dogs like it ruff

We dog lovers are insane. There, I said it. It’s an indisputable fact that people who purchase apparel for domesticated animals are completely out of touch with reality. I’m just as guilty as anyone else (for evidence, please see Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C… that’s probably enough). But a cute pup in a plaid jacket is just adorable. There’s no getting around that fact.

Luckily, I haven’t sunk to the level of Paris Hilton. That shit’s just wrong. Teeny chihuahuas saddled with diamond collars twice their weight is just cruel and unusual punishment. But there’s no reason dog lovers shouldn’t have fun with their doggie accessories. Thanks to Etsy, we now have approximately one zillion more options than what’s at the local PetCo. And now, every pooch can express his pawsonality (sorry, couldn’t help it) with a sleek couture collar, a shabby chic bowl stand, or a badass tattooed harness.

Of course, whether your dog is a Feminine Fideaux, a Couture Canine, or a Badass Bitch, I have a feeling he/she will enjoy that last item on the list no matter what.

The Feminine Fideaux

dog collar flower by mulberrystreet, $12

vanilla la fleur collar by codyscreations, $16

elevated pet feeder by myprimitiveboutique, $69

pink damask dog cushion by poshpets, $50

The Couture Canine

leather & stainless steel collar, by betweenbridgeandgold, $65

wood veneer pet bed by jackscabanalondon, $600

chelsea houndstooth cashmere dog coat, by shopkcq, $72

the brambles dog dish, by eastvoldfurniture, $58

yellow lab dog toy, by thelab, $9

the rocco collar, by californiacollarco, $80

The Ruff Rovers (and Badass Bitches)

rockin devil suede dog bed, by tipsystar, $95

tattoo leather harness, by anagramfineart, $90

big bad dog biker vest, by southernmemories, $11.25

bitches ❤ me pooch tag, by poochycouture, $12

medium martingale dog collar, by shopmollyd, $22

adjustable skull & crossbones harness, by gatorgrrl, $24.50

handmade tufted fleece pet bed, by designsbyfsk, $34.50

michael vick dog chew toy, by zsuzsag, $18.50



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5 responses to “etsy dogs like it ruff

  1. I am extremely flattered and honored to see my ‘Elevated Pet Feeder’ here in the WORLDPRESS.COM Blog. Thank you!! 🙂


  2. My dog, Clyde said he looks fat on this picture and slight demonic. And he wishes would have smiled
    for the picture. Than he ate an other milk bone, and came to terms with the situation.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my pink damask “kennel cushion” on your blog. You are so sweet. I will pass along word of your blog to my poshpets fans.

    Thanks so much! Love the blog!

  4. oooh great collection- I have to amit, I’m guilty too with 2 dachshund pups! I use our new home of Pittsburgh’s cold climate as an excuse to buy coats and sweaters! 🙂

  5. Thanks for including Mini in her Big Bad Dog biker vest (she prefers her dresses and bonnets, but still loves the attention!) Love your blog!

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