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craving color: zesty homewares in chartreuse

Being as fair-skinned as I am (the names of my foundations normally use words like “alabaster” and “china doll”), there are a lot of colors I can’t easily wear. Any time I venture into a dressing room armed with a fuchsia dress, a mustard sweater, or an orange tee, I almost always hear my mom’s voice in my head, telling me that something just isn’t “my color.” “Try it in that pretty light blue!” the voice says. The voice is right, though, because trying to don a burnt-sienna dress and not look like a corpse is a pretty tricky thing for a pastey, blue-eyed redhead to do.


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oh, i’m blushing! soft, dusty, peachy pinks for spring

You can ask anyone in my family–I’m not really big on the color pink. I always associate it with baby showers, cheesy Hallmark cards, and those awful Juicy Couture velour sweatpants. But I love the way couturiers like Chanel use muted shades of pink and peach to create looks that are feminine, but not “girly.” I discovered my ideal shade of pink when my sister was planning her wedding–she isn’t that much of a pink girl either, but loved the worn ballet slipper shade of the Sahara rose. And on this particularly drab February morning (it’s 38 degrees and raining here in Atlanta), these blush hues make me seriously yearn for spring.

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craving color: turquoise jewelry

Right now, it’s sleeting in Atlanta. I’m thirsting for color, but the whole city is grey. Luckily for us, spring is just around the corner (or so I’d like to think… then again, it did snow in March last year).

Turquoise is something that can be worn so many different ways… but above all, it’s gorgeous on just about every complexion (and especially my whiter-than-whiteness). I love a pretty turquoise-and-gold earring, but some of these Etsy sellers really flex the color’s versatility. Enjoy a few of my favorites. Continue reading


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