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etsy vs. urban outfitters: the smackdown

Ah, Urban Outfitters. Treasure trove of hipster wares. Mecca of ironic graphic tees and neon plastic wayfarers. Purveyor of accessories that make you say, “Ooh, I love that!” and then, “Wait a second, that necklace is $40?” and finally, “Couldn’t I just… make that?”


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etsy vs. banana republic: the smackdown

is this petite rose ring from banana republic or etsy? read on..

Before there was Etsy, I often drooled over the jewelry and accessories at Banana Republic. They always seemed so spot-on with trends (without seeming like they were jumping bandwagons left and right). But their prices are a little steep. I was marveling over their spring accessories (as soon as MLK day is over, I’m usually drooling over colorful scarves and bright jewels) when it hit me: Etsy sellers are so much more inventive than this. Oh, and their pieces aren’t marked up 60%. But mostly, they’re more inventive. Continue reading


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