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om nom nom… food porn on etsy

Type in “food” in Etsy’s photography section, and there it is: a treasure trove of tantalizing imagery there for the taking, whipping my inner fat kid into a lather. It’s like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for people like me–and by “people like me,” I don’t mean the snobby “gourmands” or that awful, obnoxious linguistic pimple, “foodies.” I mean people who just downright love food, plain and simple, whether it’s a truffle risotto or a greasy dive bar reuben. Chow.com calls them “chowhounds,” and after reading their manifesto, I think that’s the best term for this obsession of mine.

At any rate, macro shots of an orange peel and stylistically arranged chili peppers just so happen to tickle my fancy and whet my appetite. Here are a few of my favorite bits of food porn on Etsy. Warning: NSFW (that’s “Not Safe For Women-who-think-a-Slimfast-shake-counts-as-a-meal). Continue reading



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craving color: zesty homewares in chartreuse

Being as fair-skinned as I am (the names of my foundations normally use words like “alabaster” and “china doll”), there are a lot of colors I can’t easily wear. Any time I venture into a dressing room armed with a fuchsia dress, a mustard sweater, or an orange tee, I almost always hear my mom’s voice in my head, telling me that something just isn’t “my color.” “Try it in that pretty light blue!” the voice says. The voice is right, though, because trying to don a burnt-sienna dress and not look like a corpse is a pretty tricky thing for a pastey, blue-eyed redhead to do.


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