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etsy vs. banana republic: the smackdown

is this petite rose ring from banana republic or etsy? read on..

Before there was Etsy, I often drooled over the jewelry and accessories at Banana Republic. They always seemed so spot-on with trends (without seeming like they were jumping bandwagons left and right). But their prices are a little steep. I was marveling over their spring accessories (as soon as MLK day is over, I’m usually drooling over colorful scarves and bright jewels) when it hit me: Etsy sellers are so much more inventive than this. Oh, and their pieces aren’t marked up 60%. But mostly, they’re more inventive. Continue reading



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craving color: turquoise jewelry

Right now, it’s sleeting in Atlanta. I’m thirsting for color, but the whole city is grey. Luckily for us, spring is just around the corner (or so I’d like to think… then again, it did snow in March last year).

Turquoise is something that can be worn so many different ways… but above all, it’s gorgeous on just about every complexion (and especially my whiter-than-whiteness). I love a pretty turquoise-and-gold earring, but some of these Etsy sellers really flex the color’s versatility. Enjoy a few of my favorites. Continue reading


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